Blending of 3 Networks Blending of 3 Networks
4G+ with Fiber Broadband & Wi-Fi forms the exclusive superfast "tri-network" in Macau.
Fiber Hotspots Everywhere
CTM Wi-Fi uses a fiber network that delivers unparalleled high speeds and delivers on ultra-stable transmission. Connecting to CTM Wi-Fi can help you save on your mobile broadband usage.
iPhone with CTM Comprehensive Network Wonderful Beyond Imagination!
Macau Indicators of the Quality of Mobile Service: https://bit.ly/2vTtIAS
With our stable and reliable network services, CTM brings you with great multimedia experience on our varieties of entertainment services.
CTM leads and offers the Multi Network Coverage of 3 Destinations and “6” Networks that demonstrates the advantages of dual networks at each location. Including all Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, anytime with our reliable, stable mobile roaming networks!
Exceptional "Friends & Family" Plan Exceptional "Friends & Family" Plan
CTM Mobile Customers can register for the unique "Friends & Family" Plan for FREE to chat, and send SMS to local friends and family anytime.
Wide Network Coverage in Roaming Data Package Wide Network Coverage in Roaming Data Package
Roaming Data Package covers multiple major countries and destinations. Customers can enjoy unlimited 4G roaming data usage in the destination upon registration. Surf the Internet any time and conveniently without additional roaming data usage charge!
"CTM Buddy" App "CTM Buddy" App
Get your favorite services here! With "My Services", you can read your bill and manage your mobile and data usage easily. And with "Ticket Easy", customers can draw queue tickets via mobile phone anytime and check the queue ticket status instantly to save time. For gift redemption? Simply choose "Gift Item Category & Redemption" to select your favorite gifts instantly!
Exclusive FREE First 6 Seconds Local Airtime Exclusive FREE First 6 Seconds Local Airtime
All local answered calls equal to or less than 6 seconds of airtime in Macau are automatically waived to give all customers extra benefits all the time!
Free Facetime ISMS Charge Free Facetime ISMS Charge
Customers can enjoy all international ISMS free via Facetime in Macau when using the CTM Network. Staying in touch has never been so much fun!
Renowned "CTM eServices" – Convenient 24-hour Online Service "CTM eServices" – Convenient 24-hour Online Service
The only network provider in Macau to provide a one-stop online comprehensive telecommunication service, where customers can anytime and from anywhere check their bills, view payment history, redeem bonus points gifts and apply for service that’s not only easy, but fast!
Exclusive "CTM Bonus Points Scheme" Exclusive "CTM Bonus Points Scheme"
When the Mobile Services, Fixed-line IDD Services and Internet Services are registered under personal name, all the bill amounts paid will automatically convert into Bonus Points. Customer can redeem from a huge variety of gifts including the hottest merchant coupons / mCoupon, the latest CTM mobile and product offers and more!